I've been treating Brain 8 with care, given how important my Brains are to me.

What I'm hearing from the Brain folks, however, is that:

1.  Brain 8 was extensively privately beta-tested before being released as a public beta
2.  That it's very stable, and has important advantages over the prior version
3.  That it's really an extension of 7, rather than being anything fundamentally new
4.  That it's backward compatible, so you can always go back to 7 if you really want. 

In other words, go for it!

I'd like to switch my Brains to 8.  Should I throw caution to the wind? Is that what everyone else is doing? And if so, anyone regretted it for any reason?

Weigh in!!!


I've been using it onbackup  copies of my brains for months now. Nothing to report (ie no db corruption noticed). BUT I'm using backup copies.

I've created brains in v8, indexed, opened in v7, reindexed, imported data using v7 and v8, reindexed, reimported, etc,endless times switching version each time and have found no fault.

Using a beta release isn't a function of the software, it's a function of how critical your data is, and how expensive (in time and €€€$$$) to replace / repair it.

My data is non-production, personal stuff, so no debate for me.

TheBrain 8 is not an extension of TheBrain 7. Yes, you can have both installed and yes they both do use the same license information (more on this below), but they are meant to operate individually and are not an extension of one another. TheBrain 8 adds lots of great new features and is quite different than TheBrain 7.

I'm guessing that some of the confusion is coming from the fact that we changed our licensing process with the release of TheBrain 7. Prior to TheBran 7, there were serial numbers for every new version of TheBrain (known as PersonalBrain at the time) and our focus wasn't so much on Cloud Services integration. 

TheBrain 7 changed all that and Cloud Services integration is a big part of the software and our licensing system is now reliant on this system as well. That is, you need a Brain (online) account setup and need to login to check your license validity.

To answer your main question: I am still treating TheBrain 8 as Beta software. I still have TheBrain 7 installed and will use it instead of TheBrain 8 if I am working on something important. Once TheBrain 8 is officially released I will switch to TheBrain 8 as my main.
Thanks Enkidu and Patrick.  A little more insight into my thinking on this:

1.  My two 10 GB Brains are extremely valuable (thousands of hours invested). I back them up religiously in multiple places, including a safe deposit box and a USB stick that is always in my left pocket (yup, just checked). 

2.  Brain 7 (TeamBrain) has been giving us nothing but trouble for the last year.  

First, it doesn't properly sync icons that my wife attaches to thoughts on her computer and then syncs to TeamBrain.  Which is a pain in the rear when all the thoughts (or 80% of them) arrive without icons.  We've been waiting for this to get fixed for more than a year, and it seems to be in 8.

Second, the syncing itself has been really scaring us lately.  Our most important Brain suddenly stopped syncing two weeks ago.  After 2+ hours of "syncing" it would generate an "unable to receive remote data file" message and end the sync.   It did that for two weeks (another Brain did too) and then suddenly on Sunday they starting syncing again.  WTH?  Is there a problem with my Brains, or with the Brain servers?  I have no idea, since I haven't been able to figure get out of the Brain folks what the heck is happening when the remote data file can't be received. 

Supposedly Brain 8 is much better from a syncing perspective.  Put these things together and that's why I'm considering moving forward (with backups).   Not something I would normally do, but the old Brain 7 scares me more right now than the new Brain 8!

Thanks for your input!


I don't use webbrain, and I don't use the 8 version. the new version has no benefit but a lot of new bugs, so it is a step back. 


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