Today was the last day of my subscription before renewal. I had a critical look at what I received for my money over the last two years. It was not enough. Here is what I wrote in the optional "tell us why" window:
"Product development for Windows virtually non-existent. Changes in version 8 have been cosmetic at best. Support has become a joke.
I've been a paying customer since version 2. But with the yearly subscription I feel I'm throwing my money away."


Thank you for posting. We strongly value your feedback and I will be sure to pass your thoughts along to the rest of our team. We do have a non-subscription, license only, model as well if you'd like to continue using TheBrain without a yearly subscription.

What kind of product development for Windows are you hoping to see? We do have some very huge changes coming in the future, but I can't really go into any more detail yet as we are just starting on these changes and don't have any ETA right now. 
ummmm....correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there have ever been any ETA's, at least none that are delivered within a year of promising.
on the brain since 1.3
Hi Schulze,

I do understand your behaviour. I started with 5. And with 7 it got worse. 8 was only a cosmetic Version with only Little improvements.

Hi Patrick,

I Claim this now for month and with me a list of Posters here in Forum, but I do not see a real reaction from thebrain. I think you should do some dramatic improvements in developement and customer Information.

I only jumped on the bandwagon since v6, so I can't really compare over time.

My perception is that TheBrain is a small team which is currently swamped by the transition to tablet devices : proof be the near-absolute silence on the subject.

Customer communication, through forums or otherwise, is random (although Mr Thompson's reactivity is appreciated).

Still, messages from Harlan have come regularly since I've been on this forum.

I'm keeping my cool, with eyes open.


Hi Enkidu,

yes I think you are right. But the Problem is for core product users (Windows users) there seems to be done nearly nothing.

I may overlook this wit the reference to the IOS developement - but now this is Lasting more than a year, and no IOS  Version (which I do not Need) is on market?

I myself decided against IPAD1 because THEBRAIN was not working in this environement.

But, I think TheBrain will loose the core users, not doing anything for them. So maybe divide your developement Group in a core enhancement Group and IOS Group.


Hallo Heinrich & happy new year

> I myself decided against IPAD1 because THEBRAIN was not working in this environement.

like all IT professionals, we choose the hardware platform according to our functional / application need heh  ;-)

Happy New Year!

NOT everytime. In the very few moments I or my Enterprise has to much Money AND I have enough time, I (or we) decide for a radical new solution, or test time. This helps us to look if there is really extra benefit (functionality, financial benefit) in completly other environements than used. Sometimes this leads to a strong change of strategic development

I think the situation we're facing with TheBrain is very similar to a situation I went through when my consulting firm was acquired.  We were 15 people acquired by a 300 person firm that had recently gone public, and that had grown from 10 to 300 people without changing anything about their management structure.  You can't run a 300 person firm the same way you do a 10 person firm.  I have no idea how many people work at TheBrian, but my sense is that nothing has really changed in key management respects as the TheBrain has continued to grow and become more ambitious across platforms, etc.  Meaning that everyone is simply overwhelmed, which is presumably why customer support is so spotty.  I just renewed our Team Brain x 2, at considerable cost, and yet can't get any information on when a significant bug introduced in will be addressed.  And it's obvious from these forums that the truly core user base of TheBrain is frustrated, and yet there's still almost no communication.

The problem of course is that situations like this don't go on forever.  Two years after we were acquired the firm that bought us collapsed. There were other issues, but a huge factor was the fact that the people running the firm were still the same people who had started the 10-person firm.  They ran it into the ground.  The CEO was ultimately fired by the Board in an attempt to fix the issues, but it was too late. 

I would really hope that TheBrain doesn't suffer through the same process, because it has SO much potential.  But I'm not sure if anyone is really listening, or recognizes the danger. 

Mark (devoted user since Brain 3 or so).
Sadly, true.  Hard to understand the mystery and lack of responses.  I volunteered for the iOS beta many months ago, and other than one acknowledgement by Patrick Thompson, never heard anything further.  TB is one of my core information programs (see ; including a couple of new visual ways to look at Evernotes).  I would hate to see the demise of TB, as I find it uniquely useful.  I could live without the webbrain, particularly given the lack of iOS app, but for the time being, I continue to pay the fee, primarily to support TB and for some marginal use to make my LinkedIn group discussion items available to members.  Patrick
I had not seen this thread previously, but from a new customer point of view (I had just tested a 2 user setup with TeamBrain), I have to comment that you guys are absolutely right. There is reason to worry for existing customers, new customers, and also TheBrain company.

It is very worrying for new users to see this lack of support and lack of communication on the development front. If it would be a single license for an application, I would maybe give it a try (that is what I am considering now), but with TeamBrain tied to paying on an annual basis, and bugs present at the current version, it doesn't look very good for the team behind TheBrain.


PS: I posted my findings/bug/wishlist here:
TheBrain Pro (TeamBrain)
Java 1.7.0_45
Windows 7 64 Bit

We are in rapid development and will have even more updates this year and end of last. Not sure why you should feel this way...perhaps we need more support people on our forums but they are supposed to be more for users.

 ·      We just released TheBrain 8 in November with over 50 new features with much industry acclaim.

  •    We have a very active iOS beta going on now and are about to release our new iOS app.
  • We are doing a ton of new webinars and industry analysis etc…
  • TeamBrain and web services features are being added to our clouding component each month.
  •  We also just released a TeamBrain server product from corporate solutions. Here’s some industry analysis on this

For our latest news you might what to:

·         follow us on twitter

·         Note the activity on our facebook page

·         Sign up for our newsletter

Its of course up to you but in my humble opinion [smile] it would be a very bad time to cancel your services because you would lose all the cloud updates features as well as all the new development releases we have coming up.



...perhaps we need more support people on our forums but they are supposed to be more for users

What does this suppose to mean? Are the people that post on this forum not users?

Your post sounds like marketing babble.
The reality is closer to what is posted in these forums.
The 50+ new features are mostly cosmetic.
Many issues (i.e. reliable link directions between thoughts) haven't been addressed for years.
I used to report bugs, but no longer, because: What's the use?

I've been using TheBrain since Natrificial times.
I used to recommend TheBrain to other people, but no longer,
because my frustration about the lack of responsivness is growing.


Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.
Hi Reinhard,
I think what Shelley was referring to was more TheBrain Support staff on the forums to support all of the forum users. We will work on improving our support. In regards to any software issues, we do certainly want to hear all feedback so if there is anything I can help to explain or look into further for you with our development team, just let me know. Tracy
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies

Shelley and Tracy,

First, let me say that it's great to see you here in the discussion.  As you presumably know from this and other threads there's a real question in many users' minds as to whether anyone (other than Patrick) really pays attention to the forums (and even then Patrick is absent for long periods from the forums). 

I am certainly aware that the vast majority of users are probably not on these forums, and probably don't push the Brain in terms of capabilities and performance.  That's one thing many of the users on the forums routinely do.  I've invested thousands of hours in my Brains.  If I lost them suicide or retirement would be about my only options.  It's therefore very frustrating when we can't tell whether anyone is listening to significant problems we're encountering, and when very well understood and fundamental bugs don't get fixed for months (or years even). 

I would humbly suggest that it's a mistake to not take advantage of the expertise, commitment, and good-will of the veteran Brain users as you continue to expand the company.  I show the Brain to other people almost EVERY DAY, but like many others am a bit reticent anymore about strongly advocating the Brain to friends and colleagues (or strangers) because of concerns about support and sense of direction.  I would love to, but the many relevant threads in 2013 help explain why it's difficult.

It would be great to see the two of you here more often.


Mark Trexler


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