I'm new (today!) with The Brain and just started testing v 11 on mac &iPad. Exploring the app function on my productivity setup, it seems something related to apps I use at some point like Scrivener, DevonThink and Tinderbox. It may be interesting for me.

I'm sorry as I cannot compare between versions and I may throw some stupid mistakes, but I'm just reporting a few minor issues on a mac & iOS context.

  1. The iOS sync seems to work perfectly, syncing the attachments when created inside the app.
  2. The Word document attachments seems to copy the old 2004 icon, while the mac version shows the actual icon. Not important but a bit confusing. I don't know if it is app or OS related. See attached image.
  1. The tags window on the mac version needs some hight to be added, now it is not usable (See attached image).
  2. The app crashes when "more notes editor actions" button is pressed. Probably some parts not being included yet.
  3. The "Brain Box" applet is not working on current Safari version.
  4. With only 6 ítems, the app seems sluggish in a new MB Pro, with low screen framerate. Probably just the "alpha" stage.

mac & ios:
  1. When I link/attach and alias to a file inside iCloud on the mac, the files appear on the iOS app (name, type and icon) but cannot be viewed or opened. It is a problem for sync uses. iCloud files are accessible to mac &iOS devices. Using the "Brain Box" works perfectly, but it would be interesting to use current files & folders in order to avoid duplicates.

Jordi Click image for larger version - Name: word icons.png, Views: 147, Size: 339.03 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Tag icons.png, Views: 144, Size: 38.79 KB

Thank you for posting. Several of these issues were recently addressed in today's 11.0.18 update. I do see the Tag/Type fields as flattened and will document for further review.

Regarding the iCloud attachment.  Can you share a screenshot of how the file is attached in the desktop?  Is it a URL or path to a local file that is synced in your iCloud?  If I understand the scenario properly, and if you have just a link... this would explain why it cannot be accessed from your iPhone/iPad, because the same path does not exist from this device. You would need to have a URL or internal file attachment in your Brain.

Thank you,
Hi Jordi,

Welcome to TheBrain. 🙂

With regard to the poor performance you reported, please let us know if this is something that happens when using version 10 also. Version 11 uses a completely different rendering pipeline on macOS, so it is possible that the problem is cause by that.

Additionally, we're rolling out new updates of v11 at a fairly rapid pace. For instance, the issue with Thought Types and Tags being created from the menu button has just been fixed in 11.0.19 which is available now on the Alpha Channel.

The Alpha channel contains frequent updates and provides access to the very latest versions. It is the recommended channel if you have an urgent need for a fix that is not yet available on the Stable channel and do not mind frequent updates.

To get on the Alpha channel:

Windows: Go to Options > Preferences > System > Updates, and select Alpha from the dropdown menu. Then go to Help > Check for Update, and install the update.

macOS: Go to TheBrain > Preferences > System > Updates and select Alpha from the dropdown menu. Then go to TheBrain > Check for Update, and install the update.


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