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I saw on Twitter that theBrain is working on Brain hosting again?  Nice.

One thing I have about "cloud" stuff is security.  A PB is intellectual as well as personal property.  So not only should access be protected but the content should be protected from those hosting them.  Not easy to do I bet.  Anytime you get into security there is a performance/complexity cost.

I use DropBox (and I have used Microsoft livemesh in the past).

these two free services will keep files in sync across multiple computers. 2GB the former 5GB the latter. Just store your brain in one of the directories which are sync and you will have your brain on every computer running dropbox or livemesh.

There is one caveat, you must have an internet connection at each location... and remember to close the brain on your other computers before using the brain.

I have settled with DropBox because of the additional services (versioning in particular).

Dropbox's versioning feature has saved me multiple times.
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Another vote for DropBox.

For those who are not clear about what this technology does.

1) You choose folder X on computer A's (your home computer) hard drive. (hint: store your brains AND the folder system for any documents your brain links to [that are not "IN" your brain] in this folder.)
2) DropBox automatically and continuously makes copies of any files you place/update/create in the assigned folders to a remote server. (pretty much real time - a minute or two if the files are small).
3) install DropBox on a second (or third, or 10th) computer B, and set it to sync to folder X. Any time a change is made to any files in folder X on either computer, it will get transfered to DropBox, then transfered to the other machine.

Voila! You are done. Now, when you make changes to your brain on one computer, it will automatically be transferred to the other computer, with a few minute delay (assuming both computers are connected to the internet. Otherwise, you will have to wait until they connect.)

IMPORTANT - only have one brain on one computer open at a time! You get some weird errors if you keep them both open and make changes to one of them... NOT GOOD BRUNO! Danger Will Robinson, Danger.

AND, if you only keep one open, it works like a charm.

Last, as other's have stated, DropBox has a versioning system, so if you want to find a file that was deleted on both machines, you can check your history...(within certain limits, of course).

Mark Michael Lewis | The Profitability Coach |

zinoff wrote:
I use DropBox (and I have used Microsoft livemesh in the past).


I have settled with DropBox because of the additional services (versioning in particular).

I am also interested in sync PB data between my work and home computers. Your information was helpful.

Did you find DropBox sync speed and/or user interface to be better than Live Mesh using Windows PCs?
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Spacenexus wrote:
Some nice ideas here.

I use a great solution called It allows you to keep your brain securely on one computer and without any fuss or limits allows you to access it from any web enabled pc, laptop or even windows mobile!

Some links for your review:

Welcome to the forum and happy braining


I am also a big fan of using a single brain file from remote computers (potentially multiple computers such as home & work or laptop while traveling). 

I have been using LogMeIn for years as well (albeit not with Personal Brain).  Your LogMeIn solution, in addition to keeping the data secure and synchronized, also solves the "software" and "speed" problems  allowing ones single original installation of PB software to run on local data both residing on its usual host computer. This should be fast. Also, it allows ad hoc sessions that were unanticipated and unplanned (you don't have to have the thumb drive with you) and the remote computer does not even need to have the PB program installed. Finally, LogMeIn is a general solution for remote-ing in to you computer and running all your applications not just PB. 

In some ways, it is still not as elegant as having the Personal Brain data in a cloud which I have suggested on UseserVoice:

Please vote for Personal Brain data in a cloud which will also potentially enable use from an iPhone. 
Attention all DropBox users.  I've been a very careful PB on DropBox users for many months with nary a problem . . . until now.  Nothing I could do would rescue it when it went down. Fortunately, Matt and team at TheBrain Technologies rock tech support and they repaired my file.  This was above and beyond good customer service.  I am now configuring my mission critical brain on a jump drive, which will be backed up upon insertion.

I loved having my brain on DropBox and hope that one of these days there will a rock solid option, but for now, I'm staying away from the edge.  My brain is too important to my business. 

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