Hey Hey HEY,

So I found this video on your YouTube channel:

It shows deep integration with OneNote—where you can paste a link into TB's notes and then automatically launch OneNote. Looks awesome!

In both TB9 and TB10, pasting a link forces you to open the web version of OneNote, and not the desktop application.

Am I doing something wrong? Seems odd for this to work 8 years ago, and not now!

Look forward to hearing from you.




Hey, just saw this fly by in my RSS reader, and thought I'd throw my 2 cents in...based on some recent frustration on my home 10  and office 365( onenote 2016)

Not sure how completely under their control this will be for the otherwise omnipotent Brain folks.
It looks like Microsoft is pushing us away from the desktop Onenote and towards a more webby Onenote as described in the link below. I was trying to figure out the differences between onenote 2016(which i like) and onenote(blank) or Onenote10 and Onenote 2019

Looks like we can still use 2016 for now..but they're gonna push us towards a weaker/webbier version anyhow....unless they change their minds...
Randy Thurber
A bug was fixed in the latest version of TB 10 (out today). Seems I couldn't see the paperclip icon with the link, but it's visible now! Wooo.
Fascinating! I've never done much with OneNote, but this is intriguing....

And now I'm wondering:
> Will the OneNote web links that have been pasted into TheBrain actually function as working links into the online version of OneNote?
> If so, can TheBrain and the OneNote notebook both be made public and accessible to online web visitors?
> If so, does anyone have a working example they can share?

In addition, is it safe to assume that, if these OneNote web links also work online, the links will behave consistently by:
> opening in the desktop OneNote application when working in the desktop brain and
> opening in the online version of OneNote when viewing the brain web client?
Evernote by comparison gives you a choice of a internal or external link to a page. 

I just checked, OneNote only gives the external link - so on Mac, the links only went to the browser version. 

Not ideal, but useable. 

On mobile, iOS the synced links in brain opened the OneNote app. 

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