When choosing open attachment from the thought menu, if there are multiple attachments on the thought it would be nice if you could select them via keyboard.

Use case: 
In keyboard preferences I set Open Attachment under the Thought section to ⌘O. However, if there are multiple attachments when I arrow I just get a loud beep. I have to use the mouse to select which one to open.

Duplicate Open Option
Another little niggle. In the keyboard bindings I first set the Open Attachment under the Attachments section to ⌘O. This opens attachments when in the attachment section, but not from the plex. I get that they are in two different places, but I think when you assign the keyboard binding to one, it should be assigned to the other. That way the behavior is always consistent. As it is, I have to assign it to one or the other.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

Thanks for the feature request.  I'll document this.

I see what you mean by doubling up on the Open Attachment keystrokes in our list.  Documented as well.



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