TheBrain 7 Beta version
OS: Fedora 14

Execution steps:

  1. Edit the in the ~/PersonalBrain/res/ folder by adding for example docx=soffice
  2. Restart the brain
  3. Try opening a docx file attachment, you then have to specify the command you wish to use to open the file
  4. Opening the reveals that the entire properties list has been readded in the file. As if the application did a >> command.
After searching the forums I have found a work around for this problem:

In a terminal run the following command:

"chattr +i" as root

This will make the file unchangable. Just make sure to add your desired properties prior to running this command.

If later you want to add new commands you can unmute the file again by running the following command:

"sudo chattr -i" as root


Thank you very much for posting this helpful information.  I will bring this item to the attention of our engineers for further review.

Thank you,

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