I'm using Brain v.  J-1.6.0_01.  for Windows, and when I have used it in the past I was very satisfied. I installed this same version on my desktop PC, on a 8GB Sandisk flash drive, and I also installed the latest Mac version on a MacBook. The Mac version is working fine and I've saved a good bit of information on a Brain within the MacBook's hard drive. I ran into problems when I tried to transfer my brain file from MacBook to my PC tower. 

The problems are: 1) When I try to open my previously saved Brain (from the MacBook) the program says the brain file cannot be accessed because it is already open, yet I don't see it anywhere... 2) After I gave up and decided to simply recreate the previous brain in a new file, I see the loading/opening new brain screen, and nothing happens. The screen just continues to show the "opening new brain" animation.

Now I can only get PB to fully activate on the MacBook... 

Any help with this issue will greatly appreciated. 


Please try updating to the latest version of Java. You can find the latest version by visiting http://www.java.com/download. If you are still having trouble after this, you can open a support ticket at support.thebrain.com.

Tech support here is wonderful!! I just got off the phone with a helpful customer service rep, and he told me the same thing. I've updated java, and voila! The beauty of a functioning brain has returned to my life haha. Thanks so much!

a happier camper


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