Have you guys considered open-sourcing The Brain? Or at least opening the architecture and allowing for plug-ins, like Adobe?

You have this great idea with enormous potential. With a little development, TheBrain could become a household product; and yet, I don't know anyone who knows it. Could it be because you are monetizing it too soon and too much? Make it famous by making it available, build a well-known brand, and you'll be able to monetize it. Charge 10 times less, and 20 times as many people will have a paid account. Turn TheBrain into a ubiquitious platform, and you've changed the industry. Instead, you are sitting on an imperfectly implemented great invention with a dynamite potential. It's your prerogative of course, but why?

Open Source; No. API; Yes, we are considering this to allow plug-ins etc. but there is no definite decision on it at the moment.

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