Sir Allen Popper divided the word in the cloud-lover and the watch-lover.
The argument that "We can understand our world" provocates the pro and cons.

Pro the watch-lover say:  Yes the world is governed by laws of the nature and we can understand this rules.

Cons the cloud-lover say: No many things in this world are like clouds, nobody can explain how they will evolve.

I tried to modell this via PB and like to generate the views: 

i) cloud-lover-view
ii) watch-lover-view
iii) all togehter

So i placed the players and the arguements as Thoughts.
I modelled the sympathies and antipathies as Relationships.
I tagged the Thoughts as cloud-lover or watch-lover.

With the filtering (under reports) I can generate easy the views:
i) cloud-lover-view
ii) watch-lover-view
(including the necessary relationships of sympathies)

Now I also like to see the antipathies...
But I don't manage to arrange the optinal-filter cloud-lover or (nonexlusive) watch-lover.

How can I can run an nonexclusive filter for the attached Thought-Keywords?


P.S. Search "nonexclusive keyword filtering" responses with "Your search did not return any results."

Your attached file only contains one thought, so I can't really tell what you are trying to do from it.

From your description, I couldn't tell what an antipathy was, or how you defined it in a relationship (which is why I was hoping looking at the example brain would clear it up).

Several thoughts, you could either create a saved expanded view for what you want to see, or you could try creating a custom report to filter for multiple tags (if they are non-exclusive cloud or watch thoughts you could add both tags to them).

Just a shot in the dark. You may also try posting a screenshot?

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Hi Zenrain,

here you find the reuploads:



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