5.0.25 with indexing
Windows XP Media Center Edition


While doing regular Windows XP file searches in the /files subfolder of my brain I noticed attachments I wanted to delete. I think I even deleted them months ago already.

I copy the name of the folder and search for it; as it is the GUID of the belonging thought I should end up there but nothing is found.

I search for file names, folder names: nothing.

The only thing I wish to do at the moment is to run some kind of automated test which would separate the folders which PB knows about and those that PB has no clue about.
westbroek, Thanks for the post. When you delete a file attachment from a Thought the GUID folder which is associated with that Thought should be automatically deleted. If you do a search and find an attachment which you beleive you deleted can you right click the attachment then select properties and check the path to see if the file exists by browsing to the file using the path.  Next copy the the GUID from the path you extracted and do a search on it and see if it exists.  Please make a backup of your Brain prior to modifying anything under your _brain folder as we do not want to encourage modifying files and folders within your _brain folder manually since it may result in a damaged Brain.

Best regards,

Moe, thanks for taking the time to reply.

You write:

copy the the GUID from the path you extracted and do a search on it and see if it exists

This is what I attempted to signal was the problem: in the brain folder I have several folders which GUID does not bring up a corresponding thought in My Brain. Nor do searches for the files found within those folders bring up any results.

Even if the attachments had been in folders the thoughts of which would have been forgotten, but not deleted, a GUID search should have brought them up while had the thoughts been deleted, the folders should no longer exist.

Maybe just a weird case of "garbage" handling
See this feature request: activate a Thought from an external program by ESP sync

If we have this in PB, you can check out the corresponding Thought by the GUID in the folder name easily.

Windows XP,JRE 1.6.0_13,PB

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