When I upgraded to PB6 beta, I lost all my tags.  Hence, I now have a fair number of Orphaned thoughts in my Brain, but with no way to find them.  

I have read that you can use a reporting function to find orphaned thoughts, but I only have the core version, not the Pro and this doesn't seem to have this capability.

Is this correct?  There is no way for me to find these thoughts with the Core version?

Thanks for any help.

I thought that report was Core as well, but I could be mistaken. It should be under Reports > Special > Orphan Thoughts.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
There is not even a Reports drop down in Core...
Hi Chris,

According to the PB5 manual, Reports are available in all PB versions. I infer this from the fact that the discussion of Reports does NOT say "PRO only."

You may be looking in the wrong place for the Reports tab. In an out-of-the-box PB configuration, Reports is one of the tabs in the bottom right of the screen to the right of the Notes pane. If you have turned off the Tools display (e.g., Notes, Reports, Properties & Attachments, etc.) by double-clicking the plex background, double-click it again to display the Tools and look for the Reports tab.

In the Reports section, click the drop-down button "All" to see other choices from which you should select "Special" and then "Orphan Thoughts."

Be aware that in the past people have complained that the Orphan Thoughts Reports takes a long, long time to run.

-- Sam


Thanks, you were right... I was just not expecting it down in the right tab area.

I was incorrect.  Thanks for correcting me.


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