As fantastic as this brian thing is the best so far . I would love to have a simple outline view to help make sense of certain areas sometimes it's easier to make sense of something in a outline form than in a node view . Or perhaps in a containment view. the only other application that can compete with PB in complexity of visualizeing info is tinderbox . While I like tinderbox PB has a good chance of eclipsing it . with just a few more visualisation tools.
Thanks for the feedback. An outline view is challenging for many reasons - primarily because PB's structure is not necessarily hierarchical. However, we are looking at potential ways of doing this for the future...

The outline view in the current release is well done.  I am currently using PB via HP Mini netbook which displays 1024 by 600.  I can't see the bottom of my outlines!  Can you help?

You can try one of the following options and see what works best for you:
-Double click the plex to make it full screen
-Shift + arrow up and down to move the outline up and down ( you can also click a blank portion of the plex and drag)
- Mouse over the active thought and use the scroll to resize the thoughts to make them smaller.

Hope this helps.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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