I noticed one thing with Brain8 that also seems to be a problem with 9, although different.
Drag and drop of Outlook items from Outlook 2016 (orfice365...) to brain 8 only appears to work if I run Outlook 2016 as administrator -- a yellow spot appears at the end of a thought, but there is nothing there.

Similarly, if I D&d an item into Brain9, it also appears to be working but there is nothing there afterwards. If I look at the com add-ins list the redemption.dll is listed as inactive. Clicking produces a message that the dll was inactivated because of a (unspecified) runtime error at startup. I am guessing you have a different means for this with 9...

I have noticed that when I upgraded my observatory PC from 7 to 10 a whole bunch of stuff broke -- interprocess communication through ASCOM now requires that all programs be tagged 'run as administrator' -- seems to defeat the whole purpose.


Thank you for posting.  You are correct, no complete Outlook integration in v9 exists quite yet.  This is a known issue and something we're still looking into.

Thank you,
If you want to drag and drop from Outlook the best way at present is to use Ctrl+Shift+F to open the Thought folder, then drop there.

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