Just noted that adding .pages (updated apps) files is creating a chaos of files being added to a thought.

Additionally, magnifying a thought icon sometimes causes the picture to flash from small to big and back again (mac). Annoying when giving presentations...

I haven't figured out what's causing the thought icon image to flicker in some cases.  I've only had it happen a couple of times, only in the last couple of weeks (PC, Brain  In one case it only happened when the image overlapped the left border of the screen.  When I shrunk the image to not do so the flickering seemed to stop.  But I have many other images (thousands), many of which seem to overlap the left border, without the flickering.  So I'm puzzled, but I think you can fix it in individual cases (for a presentation) by playing with the image. 
I have not yet seen the flickering thought icon.  Is this only with your own, custom icons, or icons out of our icon library?

Also, do you have a sample .pages file we could use for testing?  You could post here or email one into support.

Thank you,
Matt Caton
TheBrain Technologies
I have just sent you an email with a .pages file. They updated the iWork suite recently and it looks like the new format is causing problems with the brain.

Flickering only occurs with own thought icons. These are usually larger png files I am using for presentations. Expand all thoughts and hover over child thought icons without clicking on a thought seems to be the problem in most cases.

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