This isn't an issue as such but i'm normally used to the panning function (shift+cursorkey) engaging in the opposite sense to currently implemented.

When i press shift+left, it's because i want to go left on the plex and see what's to the left of the current view; the result of shift+left should therefore be that the plex moves right.

At the moment, it moves the plex itself to the left meaning i view the information to the right, which shouldn't be what shift+left does!

This approach is standard in all panning methodology and it would be great if it could be revereed, or an option preference inserted to enable the choice.

thanks (superb feature by the way)


TB8022 32bit
Java 32bit Version 8 Update 141


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Hi Jim,

You're right... we have reversed this to match standard conventions for the 5.1 release.

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