Interesting application, Papers, that tackles document management of PDF documents.   Ah, if theBrain would evolve to do things like this.

Another powerful one is Zotero

-- Josef

Papers is Mac only. A drawback for me (Windows user).

I've used Zotero for a while. Found it to become too slow as the data grew. Also Firefox-based: I wanted something more independent.

I use Evernote these days.
I also think it would be awesome if personalbrain could automatically show items saved in Zotero.
As a basic connection, this could work by having a single thought named 'Zotero documents' and then having child thoughts for each zotero item.  Any chance of this ever happening?

Does anyone have any thoughts on how personalbrain could be automatically linked to a zotero database?
Wouldn't it be enough to associate any PB thought to an external link?
If you have a thought, i.e. your favorite star (Charlize Theron, only to do an innocent example), then you could link the thought to Charlize's homepage, or also to a local html file on your disk, then PB makes a 'dump' of the page (or an extract) in the PB notes (which are html notes).
Anytime you browse, or search inside your PB and click to that thought,
it could reload automatically the content for updating.
You could exploit also tag mechanism for finding articles inside PB.
As alternative, attaching multiple docs to any thought, PB could insert a preview function for (a predefined) one of them, so you could have PB notes to display compatible extension files, i.e. rtf, html. jpeg, etc.
In order to limit the processing load, one could make the update on the single thought available on user command.
What do you think about?

Is this your house?
I'm Wiston Wolf, I solve problems.
I'm not totally sure i follow what you are suggesting netsaver.

The appeal of a link between personalbrain zotero would be that all citations saved in zotero would automatically appear in personalbrain without having to do anyhting extra but im not sure that your plan covers that...


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