I've attached some images of a problem I've just noticed with one of (I'm assuming it's only one of though I really don't know) my thoughts. "Writing Software" is a child thought of both "writing resources" and "computer software / applications" but it is only showing under "writing software." 

The untyped version of that thought is linked to both parents (I just created that duplication to fix the problem and when i assign a type it still shows both parents - I've just left it untyped for now so you can differentiate the 2 thoughts). The typed thought however is showing as linked as I said only to "writing software." I may be missing something simple in terms of the link directionality but from what i can see i haven't given it a direction so both parents should be showing. One of the images I've attached shows the link highlighted with the link properties in case I'm missing something simple.

Edited for Extra Info:

I've just noticed the thought 'computer software/applications' is showing up as the second parent thought now and then but as soon as I click on the "writing software" thought, even if it's already the activated thought, than the thought disappears. It's kind of like the behaviour I would expect if "computer software / applications" was a thought type and not a thought. 

Click image for larger version - Name: Snapshot_1.JPG, Views: 84, Size: 49.57 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Snapshot_2.JPG, Views: 79, Size: 23.95 KB

Thanks for posting.  It's hard to tell in the screenshot, but it could be that the additional parent is the Thought Type Thought.  There is a quick video available regarding Thought Types at  http://www.thebrain.com/support/tutorials/types-and-tags/thought-types/ . Thought Type Thoughts are what we call 'virtual thoughts' and are not always displayed on the screen.

If you'd like we could set up a quick one on one web meeting to review sometime next week?  Please contact us at support@thebrain.com and let us know when you may be available to review.

Thank you,
Hi Matt,
It's not a thought type, I was just saying the visual I was getting was similar to if it was a thought type. I use thought types extensively (have 50-something of them). Attached is a screenshot of the thought showing it's type.

The new "writing software" thought I created when I noticed the problem (it is in white font) links to the problem thought (computer software / applications) fine. The "writing software" thought in blue font won't stay linked to that exact same parent thought. Click image for larger version - Name: Capture3.JPG, Views: 62, Size: 52.67 KB

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