I've just cancelled my subscription...

I switched to Linux. And so while this is one of the only windows programs I'll still be using, it will only be running in a windows 7 virtual machine. At this time I have no plans to downgrade to windows 10 for a few programs.

If some new version is compelling enough (or is designed and tested to work with WINE or Crossfire) I'll resubscribe. Thank you for the awesome tool you've developed. 🙂
@JohnStrasser ~

Does your decision to cancel your subscription mean that TB9 and TB10 do NOT work in a virtual Windows environment on Linux?

I understand TB team made the decision not to continue developing for the Linux platform (which was disappointing), but I thought the current versions of TheBrain would still run in a virtual Windows environment (including Win7).

Any clarification you can provide will be appreciated since I'm not eager to "downgrade" to Win10, either.
Hi Metta,

I'm actually counting on them working...setting that up now.  Actually it was based more on Harlan's comments in the thread I posted: "Windows 7 end of life and TheBrain" back in June (23 June).

Given the uncertainty about how long Windows 7 would be supported it just seemed to make sense. Had they said version 11 would work in Win 7 I'd keep my subscription. And since 80% or more of my software is crossplatform I doubt I'll miss it. Heck I've still got MS Office 2010 running fine and I haven't used it in over 2 years.

So my daily driver now is Linux Mint and I'm setting up the VMs in the kvm-qemu system (rather than virtualbox).

A friend of mine is running Ubuntu and he's basically got everything running through WINE.  Eventually I'll play with that too. Though having access to  full Windows 7 is nice. I won't even have to update java for windows anymore 🙂

Yep, I've got Brain 7, 8, 9, and 10 all running happily alongside each other.

As for the timing, my subscription was about to renew. So it didn't make sense to keep it going.

Sorry for the long winded answer.

Thank you very much for this additional clarification, John.

The details (background and context) you shared were quite helpful -- not at all long winded -- and I'm glad to know more about your Linux Mint set-up. ðŸ™‚

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