There are times I need to be able to zip a brain and hand it off to someone. But I don't want that person to be able to make any changes to it.

I had a brief conversation about it here, and explained why I wanted this rather than using WebBrain.

Since it's not currently available, I'd like to suggest having it as a feature.

Alternatively, if there was a program that was a viewer, this would also be acceptable. There are a number of programs out there which have free viewers so that mindmaps can be distributed, even to people who don't have the full program. For example, I believe Mindjet has a viewer for MindManager.  Something like that for PersonalBrain would be very helpful.

- Bal

Bal - 

Thanks again for your suggestion.  Just in case you miss my reply to your other thread, you should check out to our Uservoice page (http://thebrain.uservoice.com).  It is the best place to submit your feature requests. The development team reviews uservoice frequently to obtain ideas for future feature additions. The site lets them categorize users feature request by popularity. If your feature requests receive enough votes they may end up candidates for implementation in a future release of PersonalBrain.


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