From another thread:

bsnyder wrote:
Well... when I fire up v4.2.1.5 I immediately get task past due notices on all items in the future, beginning tomorrow... they show as -1 days past due


Brad, thanks for posting this. We haven't been able to replicate this here. Can you please post a screenshot and your output.log file so we can see what is happening?

If anyone else is seeing this, please let us know so we can see what might be common amongst your setups.
My issues seems to be in the other direction.   I have a number of past due items that are in the works but they are not showing up in the reminder window.   the only item i have been able to see in the reminders is a new one that I just set up today that is due today.    Not sure how to test further on that one. 

Hi Harlan... thanks for the quick reply... I've attached a screen pic and the output log...

Click image for larger version - Name: PB_Past_Due_Tasks.jpg, Views: 70, Size: 160.16 KB

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