I've been frustrated with the Recent History thoughts at the bottom of the plex.  The thoughts I'm looking for (that I just used) are rarely there...

I understand they disappear from the Recent History if they are available elsewhere on the plex... but that's not convenient for me.  I'd like the history to always show the history - regardless what's on the plex.  Otherwise I'm hunting around the plex looking for a recent thought.

Is there a setting I haven't found yet that will enable this?  I haven't been able to find it - but that doesn't mean it's not there

<edit: changed name of thread to Past Thoughts to be correct in my nomenclature >
Do you find the history thoughts if you use the small blue arrows at each end of the list?

If would be nice to able to access this list easily with the keyboard, and to set the number of thoughts one wish to have in the list before it's overwritten.

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)
Yeah, I tried using the scroll arrows to move back and forth... it's not there whenever it's visible in the Plex.  The problem is that I might have 40+ thoughts visible (I always use Normal with Expanded on) so I have to hunt around for it (if I want to drag/drop).

I normally don't drag/drop... unless I know I just used the thought so it "should" be on my Past Thoughts List... and then I'm wasting time looking for it...

Normally I use F6/F7/F8 and just type it.  Unfortunately this reduces the value of the Past Thoughts List for me.


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