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Harlan, is the issue where website text formatting is not preserved when copying into PB notes being worked on by the software vendor also?

This works correctly on Windows, but it just copies over straight text on the Mac and it's driving me up the wall....

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
We'll look into this, thanks.
Well, if anyone's interested in a tedious workaround for getting images-embedded-in-PBnotes to show up correctly in an html export, here goes.

  1. Copy and paste your image into PB notes
  2. Change thoughts & come back again (to update files)
  3. Note the thought's GUID under "Details"
  4. Look in the brain folder under "Files/<GUID>/PersonalBrainNotes
  5. You'll see image files but they'll probably be black, ex. image1234.jpg
  6. Duplicate your original image and rename the copy with PB's naming (ex. image1234.jpg)
  7. Replace PB's image file with yours of the same name
  8. Voila and two aspirin


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