I don't mean merely convert to markdown, which TheBrain already does by default.

I mean retain aspects of the text that are typically expressed in markdown, and discard the rest.

Markdown gets it right. It can express B  U, #headers, bullets, code, etc. but leaves font / colors / visuals to be implemented through CSS. This was deliberate.

When I paste from an external source, I almost always want precisely this. I want to retain textual formatting indicators (BIU and functional indicators) but discard visual styling (fonts/colors/etc.).

Currently I can paste the default way (includes both formatting and styling) or past just as clean text, and I'm glad for these two options.

But if I could paste in a markdown-esque way, that's what I would do 80-90 percent of the time.

What I do now is either paste as text and manually re-apply the formatting, or paste the default way and manually strip out the styling. Unnecessary labor IMO.
I just wrote a similar request... paste with "some" formatting!
Ah. An interesting way of phrasing this request. I get it and will document for review.


@KenBlackman @Rob2050

Good news! The feature to paste html that preserves links, bullets, bold, italics, etc, while discarding the styling information of the text, is now live on the Alpha channel in version 11.0.88. The Alpha channel contains frequent updates and provides access to the very latest versions. It is the recommended channel if you have an urgent need for a fix that is not yet available on the Stable channel and do not mind frequent updates.

To get the Alpha channel update:
Windows: Go to Options > Preferences > System > Update channel, and select "Alpha" from the dropdown menu. Then go to Help > Check for Update, and install the update.
macOS: Go to TheBrain > Preferences > System > Update channel and select "Alpha" from the dropdown menu. Then go to TheBrain > Check for Update, and install the update.

When you install 11.0.88 the setting to "Exclude color information when pasting for cleaner text" should be already enabled by default. The setting is in Preferences under the Notes Editor tab.

Best wishes,
Oh wow that’s fantastic!! I didn’t realize it had made it into the queue to get implemented, but I’m really glad!

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