Just tested "Paste outline", I looks pretty good.

First, I pasted 25 thoughts. The process stopped after eight thoughts with no messages. But - the thoughts created till then were fine.

Then I pasted the rest (please note: more than eight..), where some thoughts were listed as child thoughts of different thoughts. The "Always link to existing" option worked well, which means, during the pasting a once created thought was detected as already existing thought during the rest of this pasting process, and hence only created once, linked to different parent thoughts.

Then I tried to paste some thoughts as children of a type thought. This, too, was working. The newly created thoughts got the right type.

Paste outline with label ("¦") - only worked for new thoughts, not for existing ones.

Paste outline with notes ("-") - fine on new and on existing thoughts.

My conclusion: kudos to the team of TheBrain. Well done!

Kind regards,

Thank you for the great feedback and testing Christian.  We appreciate it!

This was mostly my experience too. It does a good job of offering to connect to existing thoughts, which is excellent. 

But I've not managed to paste a large number of thoughts in one go. It stops after 10 or so. 


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