Repro Steps:
- find an image online, right-click to "copy" to clipboard
- navigate to thought within TheBrain
- open properties of the thought and "paste icon"

oftentimes, REALLY BIG FILES

I don't know what clipboard management or image scaling library you guys might be using, but generating an Icon.png file in this standard manner yields ENORMOUS files on a fairly consistent basis. Sometimes they are not huge, but this may be directly related to the specific origin image itself and/or how the image is stored in transit within the clipboard.

I've added the following URL to my Brain:

It's a Wiki page, so it brings in the default Wikipedia icon. Ehh, not super interesting. I'd like to use the logo of the group which Wikipedia shows me as an SVG image rooted here:

Sizes Observed:
  • The original source SVG file takes up 3.47kb of disk space
  • A right-click (in Chrome) copy/paste into Paint.NET saved as PNG (32-bit depth) takes up 29.3 kb of disk space
  • TheBrain default right-click (in Chrome) then "paste icon" feature to assign the icon from the clipboard image generates, in this case, an Icon.png file that takes up 1.51mb of disk space ... note, this is the quickest use-case and most likely the one intended by the product with efficiency in mind

Something is clearly not right here, and oddly enough, I have some Icon.png files in my brain file structure (when searching for *.png at the root) that are 28.4mb in size.

Example image files are attached...

  • Why not allow this icon image file to be a bit "smarter" and use SVGs if available, PNGs if available, or JPGs for more "imagey" images that don't degrade as smaller lossy files. PNG makes a ton of sense for fine lines and logos, but obviously JPGs are smaller for other types of thought icons.
  • Has any thought been given to enhancing this feature to be a bit more adaptable for cases where you'd like to pull in a thought icon from some other images from the URL? I could mock up a few UX examples for how this could look if you'd be interested in exploring this with me.
Click image for larger version - Name: Default Brain Pasted PNG Icon.png, Views: 73, Size: 1.52 MB Click image for larger version - Name: Example Icon For UKIP.png, Views: 71, Size: 141.36 KB
Click image for larger version - Name: Paint.NET PNG Version.png, Views: 71, Size: 29.34 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Paste Icon.png, Views: 69, Size: 99.90 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Larger Examples.png, Views: 74, Size: 78.36 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Typical Icon.png File Size.png, Views: 71, Size: 2.38 KB
Definitely +1

Attached images should be fully responsive and never expand beyond their original size.
In addition, images attached to thoughts should NOT overwrite the default thought type icon.
I've discovered a workaround that actually does the trick quite well. Instead of "right-clicking" to copy the image, just copy the image address instead and paste it into the "Select icon file" dialogue box and let Windows Explorer do the redirective magic for you.

Voila, a properly sized image that doesn't bloat into the multi-megabyte default Icon.png file.

Windows Explorer Magic.png 
Great find! Thanks so much for sharing this fix, eeik. Very impressed with your attention to detail and good detective work. This should help a lot in controlling the overall size of TB if lots of custom thought icons are used.

(@mctrexler: Thought this fix might be of interest in terms of controlling the overall size of the CW?)

In the meantime, I will also be looking forward to fixes for these 2 related issues:
> attached images are grossly oversized in the web client and
> they replace the assigned thought type icon.


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