Hi, Just noticed that when I paste an image into a note the image is stored in a temp folder under my user folder, something like: file:///C:/Users/UserName/AppData/Local/Temp/image16106.jpg

Of course this folder has been purged at some point in the past and I have now partly lost a load of images. Any ideas if these images are stored in a zip backup or are they now lost forever? Also anyway to stop the app from using a temp folder to store images?


Hi, are you using the latest version? If so, under Preferences > Options, and in the Tools dropdown, do you have Save images from the internet locally checked?
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Thanks for giving me one more chance to complain about this issue. It seems I'm the guy who has most complains about it in these forums, so I assume I'm also the one who lost most images.

(Note: The note editor is a 3rd party component, and it's not directly under the control of TheBrain developers.)

When you paste an image from clipboard into the note editor, the image will firstly be stored in the temp folder of current account. Then when you activate another thought, PB will "try" to move it from the temp folder to a thought folder associated to that thought. But this process can fail in some circumstances, and PB never give warnings about it. That's why you have been risking losing images but totally not aware of it, until now.

This issue has been fixed and reappeared several times in the past. I hope the developers can chose a more reliable note editor in the 5.0 beta.
Hi Dryopithecus, sounds like the same problem. I initially thought it might be the browser caching the image locally but the path was incorrect for that.

Will look into this further until a fix is available, cheers
Pasting images into the notes pane really is an essential feature, especially when exporting the brain.
So please PB team work on this!
Since there is no "insert picture from file" option in the notes, the only way to do it is via clipboard (unless someone wants to fiddle with html).

@Dryopithecus: do you know a workaround? I just can't get PB to save the images correctly, no matter how often/what I try.
EDIT: With PB 5 Beta, this issue was resolved - thanks!

And BTW, if I copy and paste an image from other apps, e.g. Powerpoint, the colors turn all wrong when exporting to a SiteBrain (I know there have been a couple of threads addressing this, but for a non-techie user like me it just belongs to the "can't paste images" problem)
I just noticed this issue for the first time today using PB v5.0.1.9. When copying and pasting an image from a web browser, PB v5.0.1.9 still copies the image file to the temp directory. Then when another thought is activated, it copies the image file to a thought folder associated to that thought, as Dryopithecus described above.

Until I discovered this message thread, it was driving me bonkers trying to get PB to copy the image file into the brain directory. Now that I know it waits until I navigate to another thought to copy it into the brain, that's fine. From now on, I'll copy and paste the image into the notes section, navigate to another thought, then go back to the thought with the image and verify that the notes code is referencing the image file under the brain directory.

There should be an "Insert Image" option that inserts an image HTML tag with a proper image path. Currently I have to switch to HTML View and edit the tag manually.

Example of good image tag:

<img src="file:///C:/Documents and Settings/username/My Documents/My Brains/Test_brain/Files/1AFCC5DB-C885-6D19-1985-326B213042A7/PersonalBrain Notes/image3901.jpg" alt="" height="186" width="286" />

Note the image file is located in a folder under the Thought folder, and not in a "Temp" directory.  Pasting an image should put the image file in the Thought/Notes folder and create a tag like above.

Using PB WinXP
PB 6.0 Pro
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Ok, this image paste issue was driving me crazy until I also discovered that selecting another thought moved the temp image into my brain.

Then I re-read jasont's post and it all made sense.

I hope this is documented in the user manual for new PB users.
PB 6.0 Pro
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
I am using PersonalBrainPRO and the isssue is NOT fixed.

src="file:///J:/0-$$$xdrive/MyBrains/Possessions_brain/Files/3ZsVliNPdUKLi1FMwVfeMA==/PersonalBrain Notes/image810356227389976645.jpg"
I have no problem changing this but what should it say?
The image was uploaded to my website, but I do not know what to code in the html???

 my website  
contains the image at:

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storageman, Thanks for the post. Can you try updating to the latest version of PB then try to re-export your Brain to a SiteBrain and see if it resolves the issue you are experiencing.

Best regards,
I actually worked out a solution that greatly reduces my work time in Windows for this task, works for multiple images at a time and will be okay until Insert Image is ready (and assuming it really does insert the image under the thought!).  Once set up, this whole process takes only seconds, though it looks a little complicated written out like this

First, a little setup:
  • Copy the attached ZIP file and extract the CMD file (ClipImgLinks.cmd) to a folder somewhere in you Windows PATH variable
  • In Windows XP you'll need the "Command Prompt Here" Power Toy; in Vista, this is built-in
  • You'll need CLIP.EXE to put things into the clipboard - as I recall, comes with Vista and will work on Windows XP
To use, starting at the point that you have one or more graphics files and are ready to insert them into your notes:
  • Activate the thought where you want to insert images into the Notes
  • Click the icon to open the thought's folder
  • If not in Vista, Use View / Explorer Bar / Folders so that you end up with a "full" file explorer view (tree on left, contents on right)
  • If not already present, create (sub-) folder PersonalBrain Notes (with the space)
    (leave PersonalBrain Notes in the right panel)
  • Drag or paste your files into PersonalBrain Notes
  • Press shift, right-click on PersonalBrain Notes and select "Command Prompt Here" or "Command WIndows Here" (Vista)
  • Enter the command: ClipImgLinks
  • In PersonalBrain, choose View / HTML View
  • Paste in the links you created two steps above
  • Exit the command window
  • Edit the Notes HTML as you see fit
  • Switch back to Design View and (if your systems are like mine) prepare to wait for up to a minute while PersonalBrain times out or does some other mysterious activity.  This does not lock up your system - just PersonalBrain takes an enormous amount of time to display the Notes again
This is much faster than hand-editing links.  The only downside is the excruciating wait time (which happens on both my systems whenever I edit <IMG> liunks in the "HTML View") at the end.

But it has still taken a 10-minute task down to a 1-minute task, so it's much superior (to take a phrase from STTOS).


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