I can put a link to a single thought by copying the thought and pasting it into Notes using right-click "Paste Thought".

I can also select two thoughts (using Ctrl-click) and then right-click on the list to get "Copy 2 Thoughts".
When I go to Notes to "Paste 2 Thoughts", only the first thought is pasted.

If "Paste 2 Thoughts" is available, then I should be able to paste links to 2 thoughts.
If it's not possible to paste links to 2 thoughts, then "Paste 2 Thoughts" should not be available.


Thank you for posting. You can copy the two (or multiple) Thoughts into another Brain as well, which is why the option is available.  It is a known issue that multiple Thoughts are not pasting into Notes and documented for review.

Thank you,

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