Pasting thought icons into PersonalBrain on OSX 10.5 does not work.

Verified by copying an image, invoking the paste thought icon. Nothing happened. Then opened a .rtf file, and pasted, the image appeared.

The workaround I've found for showing any image is renaming it TheBrainIcon.png, and moving it into the thought folder.
As stated in my previous post, unfortunately this still shows it in the attachment list.

As a small aside, I hope you plan on bringing the OSX version up to par with the Windows version soon. Now that I'm starting to use it more, it is feeling like it's a bit thrown together in comparison.

Edit: Sorry, this is a duplicate of an issue due to Java. However, the other issue with image files not appearing when moved into the thought folder should not be affected, as it doesn't use the copy > paste functionality.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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