If you create a thought, then paste a web link to the thought, it downloads the title of the page and replaces the thought name with the page title, losing my thought name.
unhinged, Thanks for posting. Confirmed, I have noted this for our engineers.

Best regards,

This does not happen if you use the "Thought-Add Attachment-Link To Url" option.

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)
A Workaround: You'll notice after you've pasted the web link into the thought that one of the options under the edit menu is Undo Rename Thought.  You could just select this, but I'm mouse averse, so I created a macro using Keyboard Maestro (Control-F2) which selects that menu item. There are cases when I do want the thought to have the name of the web site. Most of the time though, I:
  1. See and open an email in Gmail that needs a thought
  2. Jump to Personal Brain and type a few keys to select a parent thought
  3. Hit F6 and type the new thought name
  4. Execute a macro which switches to Firefox, selects and copies the URL of the email (they all have unique URLS which is wonderful), switches back to Personal Brain and pastes the URL, then switches back to Gmail so I can either reply, or press e which archives the email (I know I can find it now since it is in my Brain).
  5. I switch back to Personal Brain and press Control F2 if I want to get the original thought name back.
I'm on a Mac, by the way, which is why I use Keyboard Maestro.  You can call menu items from built in OS-X commands, but I've been unable to get them to work correctly with Personal Brain, and a few other programs as well.
OSX 10.13 
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)
3.3 GHz Intel Core i5
32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
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PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17

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