Since this message board does not have a polling feature that I know of, I thought that it would be interesting to find out from everyone what they think should be the top priorities for PB in 2008.  

I have just four simple items in my wish list/priority list:

1.  Types list -  The ability to see a long list of types.   See problem here.
2.  Undo!
3.  Save Expanded Views
4.  Tags

What is your wish list/priority list?

Hi, here is my wish list:

1. Multiple plex interface
2. URIs to thoughts
4. Save Expanded views as files

Regards, Yang
Good call.
  1. API
  2. Undo
  3. Save Expanded View and Save Selection
  4. Ability to define font size for thought types (As a starting point at least for Ref:


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1. Undo
2. Save Expanded view

Very desirable:

3. Multiple plex view (MyBrain, Calender and Contacts plexes separately in same view)
4. Timeline, and 'arrowed' links.
5. Notes, properties, attachments etc on links
6. Define hierarchy depending on thought and view


1. More OSX integration. Spotlight, mail, address book, ical, quicklook.
2. Save expanded view
3. Api
4. URI to thoughts
5. Multiplex
6. Tagging

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
I would be very happy if more flexible import file types were supported--like adjacency matrix, CSV files and indented outline files. As a brute force workaround right now, I use a python script to convert indented format outlines (that depict rich relationships) into "nested" directory folders.  Then, I let PersonalBrain import the folder and automatically create the brain with all of the element relationships intact.  My only real export capability from some of the model-based systems engineering (MBSE) tools is CSV spreadsheet, RTF or indented text files.  I would like to be able to visualized the relationships and dependencies--the connectedness--in personal brain, especially being able to produce a very usable export (the html output).  It would also be great if I could specify the link labels and colors in such a file--or even to have a global capability to perform the label and color tags in PB itself.  Right now, it is very tedious to have to hook each one and "categorize" its link type.
1. Undo
2. Lots of different algoritms to show the plex.
    for example a timeline algoritm a Gantt Chart
    instead of "saved" plexes
3. Events (from calendar) in the plex
4. Multiple plex view (MyBrain, Calender and Contacts plexes separately in 
   same view)
5. Tagging in the plex?
Great post!!  We'd better get to work. 

My list of four:

1. Keyboard shortcuts for all menu operations, and other functions.  Have a way to create own shortcuts, like with Keyconfig in Firefox.
2. Have a shortcut like TAB to move fast between the Plex, Notes, Search View and the Search Box.
3. Link brains together thoughts
4. Be able to use Vi as editor in Notes.
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My MULTI list for PB4:
1) MULTI-USE: Improve Notes Tools, the way it is - PB4 is useless.
2) MULTI-TABS: Include the Action "Open All" for weblink attachments in the underlying thought. In the browser these will result in opening many tabs at once!!!
3) MULTI-CATEGORIES: Change Thought types as like in the Outlook categories, allowing this way to have more than one assigned to a certain thought.
4) MULTI-TASK: Include extra fields in the Thought properties in order to allow any thought has task properties such as we have in Outlook. This way it will redefine the concept of active Thought and also allowing them to have concurrence. The "Today" button in the notes tool will list these active Thoughts.

My list (in addition to the great suggestions above):
- Print Screen or other hot key interface for window capture
- Browser integration for screen captures like Evernote (saves both page text and images)
- Data flexibility and search capabilities like Info Select (inline databases, spreadsheets, etc)
- Palm OS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile versions that encompass all of the features of the desktop versions
- Outline/List mode (Like Natura Bonsai)
- Mindmap Mode w/ project scheduling and resource info like MindMapper 2008
- Outlook synchronization

With all of that, I could uninstall the above apps and "stay at home" with PB

Hmmmm...I like the multiple tabs idea for moving plex-to-plex, but I am still fixated on the idea of 'super-thoughts' or 'window thoughts' (or 'worm-hole thoughts'?) that would open into another brain.  This would help ease the occasional sensory overload of one, huge brain. 

As a corollary, could the search feature then search between both (or all) linked brains?

I've spent the weekend reviewing PB for the Mac (v4.1.3 running on a PowerBook G4 with Leopard) and I like it but cannot justify purchasing the pro version until some things are fixed and updated for the Mac:

1) The manual has a number of typos and some errors and omissions (for example there is nothing about tags!). I would be happy to send PB folks the corrections if they want.

2) Much better Mac integration required.
a) Sync services (iCal and Mail or Entourage and Palm syncing). I will never use two separate calendars and try to manually keep them synced
b) use Mac dictionary (no need to use separate ones)
c) use Spotlight searching (Pro version only allows Windows advanced searching) its already built into the Mac and would allow searching all of the attachments
d) some way to Import existing MindMaps (OPML or XLS). Also it would be handy to export to project managing software (XProject for the Mac for example)
e) Iphone support (although I suppose one could export the PBzip to the web and it would be visible, but not editable). Then sync back to Mac from iPhone.

3) I could never get some of the features to work
a) Paste Thought Icon never worked. I tried several jpg of varying size and nothing
b) When attaching files (spreadsheets, mindmaps, etc.) they would show up in the attachments list, but the small icons would only sometimes show up in the Thought and then somethings they would just disappear from the Thought (but were always available from the attachments list).

4) Add printing of notes (available only on Windows now)

5) A more complete printing option to include notes, tags, labels and attachment summaries or links

6) OK, for the big improvement, I would add the 4th dimension - TIME. Allow time stamping of Thoughts and links and then provide a slider to move forward and backward in time.


Looking past where the program is now, PB would be fantastic if it could be overlaid onto Google Earth. Imagine having geo-spatial Thoughts (customers plotted onto the active Google Earth globe) and then clicking on them would bring up the Plex (the non-spatial Thoughts and links) in 3-d floating above the highlighted Thought all linked together. As for the time suggestion above, Google Earth already has that built into the GE base so the Plex could be animated (to answer how many new customers did I pick up in the last year and where are they located, for example).

A SpaceNavigator (6 axis mouse for 3-D navigation - Logitech) would be great for navigation.


Some more suggested functions :

1)  History :  Ex. Ctrl-H can  show a list of the last 500  accessed thoughts.

2)  Bookmarks:  Ex. Ctrl-B  can bookmark a thought, that can be shown in a bookmark list.
TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)

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