I have used PB 3.03 on Win 2003 R1 no problem.  I get Win 2003 R2 and all of the sudden we are no longer able to click on the new link and create a document from Office (Any Office Application).

Receiving the error message that "The PersonalBrain was unable to create a new file"

What is the deal?  This is a great program.  I do not understand here.  What do I need to do to correct this issue so that I can use one of the more useful functions of PersonalBrain.

Cary D. Conover

I have PB 3.03 (October 31, 2005) (although mainly using PB4 now ) and Windows XP Pro (SP 2)  with Office 2003.

Seems to work OK for me, I can create Word, etc. documents from within PB 3.  It looks (to me) like the Brain is using a standard interface call, are you sure you can create new office documents from (say) the start menu?

I'm wondering if it's not the new office document feature rather than PB3 that's broken??  Have you installed any of the other recent Windows XP or Office patches (and which version of Office are you using?)?

Sorry couldn't be more help.
Make sure you are running PB3 with sufficient access rights. Try running it as the administrator (right click on the program > properties > compatibility > run as administrator).

If that does not work, you could try adding empty documents as templates so that the files can be created that way.


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