I am running Free version on a Thinkpad Core Duo with 3GB memory. The first loading of PB each day is very, very slow, sometimes between 45 and 60 secs. I find that inhibits my use of it.

Because I use Dragon software for speech recognition, I like to keep memory overhead down when a program is not needed.

I really want to upgrade to PB Pro. Does Pro load any faster?

I read threads here about Java being the problem. I am running on a company-maintained machine and don't have an option to tinker with much of which is installed on my machine. I see that I ahve Java 6 update 2,3,5,7 and 11 as installed programs on this WinXP SP2 machine as well as J2SE 5 update 11 and Java 2 Runtime SE 1.4.2_10--wahtever that means.

Pro doesn't load any faster then Core or Free. PB can take a LONG time to start up on my big new machines--- it doesn't seem like it has ever gotten faster at first start up because I've gotten a new, more powerful machine.

I've read on the forums that reducing the number of Java versions installed on the box can speed up, but my experiences haven't been conclusive when I removed the older versions of Java off the machines I run PB on.
My experience (and configuration) runs along the same lines as dyslucksia.    MS Outlook takes as long if not longer depending on the size of your .pst file.  .pdf, word, my photo editing software, etc, they all take :30 secs to :45 secs. I do something else while I wait; there´s always something to do.  30 secs is not a big deal when compared to the benefit.
30 seconds?   What I wouldn't give to have mine start up that fast! 

I find that turning off (unchecking) "Check for major program updates at startup" significantly reduces PB startup time.
-- Sam

Wow, that reduced my startup time by quite a bit.


Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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