Hi there,

After having round about 75 different thought types defined, I decided to create a separate empty brain only with these thought types as a basic brain for starting new brains and created a brainzip of this brain.

Creating a new brain by unzipping the Brainzip-File. At the home-thought the thought-type selector displays all thought-types with their original icons.
Now I rename the brain "File-Rename Brain". After this the thought-type selector displays only a few thought-type icons, many of them got lost.

As a workaround I create a new brain from the scratch, open the thought-type brain, selecting all thougth types, copy the thoughts, reopen my new brain and paste the thoughts(types) into it. In this case the thought-type selector shows all thought-types with their original icons.

Using Windows 7 / Java Version 1.6.0_29 / PB Version

Hope you can fix this issue in PB6 / PB7.

Kind regards,


Thank you for posting. We will do some testing of this issue on our end and share it with our engineers.


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