I've been thinking about ways to use PB to help manage my pictures.  Here's what I've come up with so far.

First, any pictures tied to an event (eg, "Day at the Beach February 2008") can go into the Brain as an event (see my post here for details about timelines in PB), then there's a thought for "pictures" for that event.  All the pictures from that event go in as internal file attachments so they're in one place.  Each "pictures" thought can have that type so that they're easier to find.

Then, lets say you want to be able to pull up pictures of specific people across events.  I see a few ways of doing this.

1) would be to attach pictures as virtual thoughts under a "Pictures of So and so" thought for that person.  So, Aunt Betty has a thought in my brain, I have a "pictures" thought for Aunt Betty, and in that thought I have virtual attachments for every picture that I come across that has Aunt Betty in it.

2) Another, and perhaps better, way of doing this would be to have every file in the "Pictures - Day at the Beach February 2008" thought be its own thought, so that you have one image per thought underneath it.  Then, make use of the tagging system that PB offers, and tag each thought (and thus picture) with the person, place, etc.

What I liked about #1 is that all the pictures on in one directory--all you have to do is click "open thought folder" and you have all the pictures there, ready to view as thumbnails with whatever filemanaer your OS uses.  #2 seems better for tagging/associating pictures with people for later retrieval.

Thoughts on my thoughts? Are you using PB to manage pictures?  If so, how are you doing it?


Those are both really wonderful ideas, and I'm especially fond of number 2. Having Aunt Betty's picture  at the beach as a single thought under beach pictures, then under Aunt Betty, and then even under favorite moments is a wonderful way of showing how powerful PersonalBrain is as a tool. I honestly feel that's the best route. The only thing I'd add is, you can make child thoughts of a picture perhaps, and that child thought could have multiple parents. I don't have something specific in mind, but I think it could become interesting.
If I want to save a picture from the Internet locally, I create a thought naming this picture and the drag and drop the picture into the Notes (!) of the thought. There you can even annotate the picture.
- This works with any picture.
- Instead of drag and drop you can use copy and paste.
- You can even paste more than one picture into a note.

Alternativly you can add a picture to a thought by pasting it as thought icon, though it's size will be reduced. It's a nice technique for adding photos of people to the brain.

Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.

I like to have "call out" pictures in my PB. That is, I have pictures stored as the sole attachment for thoughts, thus letting me have that picture with its own thumbnail that then blows up on actual mouseover. However, for a day at the beach, that might get a wee bit tedious to create and tag, so I can see the appeal of having a collection of pictures in one thought (all in its directory).


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