When the API is released, let's work up a macro capability for the user to create automated advanced PB edit and retrieval routines. Essentially building on the selection function as a multistep capability.

I have certain selections of thoughts with a few dozen child thoughts and i'd like to make an identical edit to each of the child thoughts, specifically the addition of a word at the front. Crawling and selecting the child thoughts and then engaging a custom macro routine would allow for this kind of group editing.

One example of advanced retrieval might be a targeted wander of all thoughts with outstanding calendar actions upon startup.

Any thoughts on usefulness / viability?


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I already asked in an other post to add some automation capabilities in order to implement new thought structures with few commands.
This could be useful to:

- batch renaming of groups of thoughts (as also you were asking for)
- add similar groups of childrens to different thoughts (based on parent's label) or copying structures from a parent to another.
- couple thoughts together (there was an other post asking for the creation of thoughts got from the crossing of a group of thoughts from parent A and a group from parent B)

... what else??
...there are many other logic operations that could be automatized on thoughts, anyway new suggestions could be useful to define a set of commands to be implemented in the API

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I've created a new suggestion at the uservoice site.

Feel free to add more suggestions than the few I've described there.
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