How much time did you spend to classify photos, images, audio / video files, etc. and tons of other file types with related properties?
Each one has got its own standard to manage metadata encapsulation into binary data, and often we have many standards, as mp3 tags Id.v1,v2...., images IDTC, XMP, etc.

For each of these formats we need a dedicated tool, and often we have to create our classification structures, many times if we have to change or reinstall utilities, with difficulties to import/export, etc.

So why do not use PB to build a unique classification system and then project our personal classification on every file attached?

For instance, I attach some JPEG files to thought "Sardinia Photos", linked to thoughts 'Sardinia', 'Summer 2008', 'Sea', 'Travels', ...
Let's suppose to mark each of these thoughts with a flag, like 'enable this thought for tagging of files with extensions:' followed by some check box 'mp3, jpeg, png, mpeg, ...' or some format protocol xml-like for writing in the files.

Now, each time we attach a file, PB knows from linked thoughts and from their attributes whether to tag the file and the label to insert. This would be also possible as batch processing at the attachment of many files together.
By contrary, when attaching a file with some tags already defined, the user would be prompted about keeping the tags, overwriting them, and even creating or merging some thought related to incoming tags.

Someone would find this feature useful?
(at least, this could contribute to the wide-spreading of PB as file managing tool...)


Is this your house?
I'm Wiston Wolf, I solve problems.
I second that thought... absolutely!

yes, difficult to realize, but I vote
This is one of those "utilities" that, in my opinion, could easily be developed by the user community if we could just get the folks at PB to release their long promised API.  It is one of those applications that may not pique the interest a large percentage of the PB community, but has intense interest by some of us. 

How about it you all there at PB... when can we get our hands on the API ?
I didn't know that anyone promised an API yet?

As for the feature, I sorta get the conceptual aspect of it. But I'm having a really hard time grasping how I could use it. Can you add some more examples of how it would work?
Thanks for the correction twospoons...

I mis-spoke about a "long promised API"... I should have said "a much requested API"...

My apologies

Well, twospoons, I start from the assumption that categories we use to classify our files (photos, music, videos) have place in PB as thoughts (not as PB categories).
If I like to use PB as personal database (too), I can insert a lot of files as attachments into one specific thought, created as child of all my categories.
So, for instance, I'ld create thoughts: '2008,2009,2010'... as time categories, then 'work, home, travels'... as common-place categories, then 'barcelona, sardinia, rome'... as specific places, 'friends, relatives, workmates, wife'... as common people, and so on.
I also mark (with some flags to implement on PB) this thoughts for tagging (that is as category source for future linked files).
Now after my come-back from holidays in sardinia with my wife in 2008, or from my work in barcelona with my colleagues in 2009, etc., I create specific thoughts for this two events and put all my photos inside them.

In facts, after connecting these thoughts with all above general thoughts (each with proper ones), I have already (inside PB) categorized files, so why not to leave PB write these info inside my photos instead of doing it manually and a lot of times? There is a standard for tagging, so PB could write thought names (those ones linked to the event with photos attached and marked for tagging) inside file tags.

I hope to have explained better my idea...
Is this your house?
I'm Wiston Wolf, I solve problems.
hey, I do not know whther I understood every detail laid out by Netsaver at the moment as I see some difference in the details of his request/proposal between the first and last post. but I get the general line and totally agree about the need to reflect on the use of PB for creating/handling/using meta-information, especially in relation to the use of linking (as the primary capacity of PB)
– especially as this possibly extends the visual organization aspect into the realm of "tagging" – which would be a real advance not only for PB but also for techniques of tagging!

basically I would like to add, that using some thoughts as tags seems natural to me. (which means the meta-data structure would actually be inherent in the plex itself instead of resting outside)
– but then assigning them by attaching the "to be tagged" files to the "meta-thought" to me seems far inferior to another more PB-inherent strategy: making the asset a thought, and simply tag by multiple links to "tag" thoughts.

this approach has several advantages in my view:
– you don´t have to multiply attach a file if you want to tag it, but only once
– you use the inherent visual-link capacities of PB for tagging also
– you can (or cannot) include "tag"-thoughts in your other "content-thought" and information structure
- ...

similar discussion here:
reliable and broad search strategies
with a feature request here:
feature request: find thoughs linked to several specific thoughs

looking forward to the development of the meta-data discussion!
– best
see my post about media-files METADATA

With respect to an API, I have used the BrainXML format to successfully load and update TheBrain.  There is some documentation around but I can't lay my hands on it currently.  I have created some but it isn't really ready for prime time sharing. 

The structure is very logical.  Pretty much EVERYTHING is a thought (except NOTES), even LINKS are thoughts, which is why they can have properties like thoughts.

Export a simple brain and follow the pointer.  Look at the properties like the A and B links in a link.

Let me know if you are interested in my notes.

Richard O. Wood
Yes Richard i am intrested !

Best Regards,

Gerard Coppejans

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