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PersonalBrain, up now, fixes the attachment adding problem. Thanks for your patience.
Thanks Harlan - but PB 6056 still is exhibiting the 'slows'.  It seems to happen when first loaded (and after the Plex is painted) but the user has no control for maybe 15 seconds at which point the cursor will finally appear in the instant search input box.
customized Desktop PC (Haswell i7 4770 3.4 gHz with 32 GB RAM), Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, 256 GB SSD,  and a Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Windows 10, 512 GB SSD, 16 GB ram, i5

I'm experienceing similar issues:

PersonalBrain freezes several time per day.  I have not been able to connect it to a particular set of circumstances.


I cannot move to another thought, I am stuck on the thought in focus.

I cannot scroll up or down in the notes attached to the thought.

I cannot move between Thoughts/Tags/Search/Reports/Calendar tabs.

The PB File/Edit/Thought/View/Options/Help menu appears to be accessible, but nothing happens when I click on a dropdown, except perhaps a spinning rainbow wheel

PB does not respond to Quit command.

CPU is pegged around 100% for the PB app, other apps work fine.

Eventually I Force Quit.  I may lose the last entry in a Note.

After starting PB again, seems fine (for a while)

How do I generate, and where do I find, an output.log file to assist in troubleshooting?


MacBook Pro, 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM,  OS X 10.6.5


1,055 thoughts, 1,334 links, 823 notes, 406 internal file attachments, 908 external file attachments


Hi Kevin,

Thank You for posting. Sorry to hear that you are having problems with our software. Please reproduce the issue where PB freezes then force quit PB. After you have force quit PB, go to PersonalBrain in your Applications directory then select SHOW PACKAGE CONTENTS in the Finder window, you can find the output.log file in the Contents > Resources > App folder. Please forward us a copy of your output.log file to referencing this post so that we can check to see what might be causing the freezing behavior you are running into.

I have been using PB since about version 2. For quite a while it has been runign very slow. I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and added more RAM and I have an i7 processor. I also have a USB stick that the data is on but I have copies of the program is on my PC and also on a Mac. The slowness is still a problem and occurs with both computers.

I have tried reindexing a few times. I do have an old problem where I lost a lot of links, about 10,000 out of 50,000 links. So I have a lot of orphans that the fix orphans utility does not seem to be able to fix. I thought that perhaps my problem with slowness was because of that but I see that others are having similar problems. When I am using the program the wheel turns in fits and starts. When you click on a thought it takes a while for anything to happen. When you type some text in the search box it may take 5-10 seconds to see any response. It is getting to the point where PB is almost unusable. It is the same performance on my PC when I was using XP and Windos 7 and on my Mac also.

I was not able to follow the instructions for finding the output.log file.

I like using PB but with this level of performance it is not fun any more.


Langley, BC
Hi Ray,

Thank You for posting. The issue you have run into seems to be different then that of Kevin's. FYI, running your Brain of a USB stick is always going to be slower then running your Brain off your computers local hard disk. Please copy your .brain file and _brain folder onto your local hard disk then run it from there to see if it makes a difference.


Thank you for sending in the Output.log file to support.  We're reviewing the file now and will be in touch shortly with the results.

Thank you,
Matt Caton
TheBrain Technologies
I learnt to cope with this problem thanks to mcaton's advice from here.


Thank you for posting, please increase available memory using the vmoptions file - instructions below.

By default, PB uses a maximum of 192 MB. This is usually enough but for some operations there may be an issue with running out of heap space. 

The example below raised the max to 320 MB, but the number can be higher if needed.

1. Close PB

2. Create a text file and put the following content into it:


Make sure there is a linefeed (Enter) at the of the text. Save this file and name it PersonalBrain.vmoptions in the PB program folder.

To access the PB program folder, go into Program Files\PersonalBrain on Windows. On Mac OS, Ctrl-Click on the PersonalBrain icon and select Show Package Contents then navigate to Contents > Resources > app. (The PersonalBrain.vmoptions file must be in the same location as the file PersonalBrain.jar)

3. Restart PB.

Thank you,
Matt Caton

I increased its memory to 400mb and it hardly ever freezes again.


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