Below are a few thoughts about the using PB for website publishing prompted by the changes at http://www.thebrain.com.




  • A major issue  with sitebrain is that sitebrains aren't indexed by search engines, therefore if you use sitebrain for your website it disappears from web searches.
  • The other major issue that I hit was that I had a few customisations incorporated such as colours, disabling logos & footers etc in my brain. The files containing these customisations get overwritten when I install a new version of PB. As I am a bit of a beta junkie, I eventually had to give up on adding customisation as they were constantly being overwritten.
  • The good thing about sitebrain is that it maintains the sort order from your brain which meant that my news page had most recent articles displayed first.
  • The other good thing about sitebrain is that it only relies on my ISP keeping their servers up to make it available.


Simple HTML


  • Suffers from the same issues as sitebrain. I'm not sure about search engine indexing as I've never actually used it to publish info online.




When webbrain first appeared I thought it was the answer to many of the problems I had with sitebrain.


  • Publishing using webbrain relies not only on my ISP server being up for the container page, but it relies on the webbrain server being online. Certainly when I first started using it there were a few weekend outages. Yes, it was during the early beta/alpha stages, but it highlighted the fact that there was now another link in the chain.
  • Having the sync built in is a definite bonus as it does away with the manual upload that I did when I was using webbrain.
  • The good things about webbrain include that it is that it can be indexed by search engines.
  • My brain only has url attachments so the free version is OK. Slight worry is that if the pricing structure changes then  my website brain will no longer meet the criteria for the free edition. Purely from a website publishing point of view I couldn't justify an additional cost above my ISP charges for a personal website.
  • At the moment to plain HTML button at webbrain doesn't work, therefore it won't display in all browsers/environments.




  • For me it is interesting that PB have moved away from a 'brain based layout' for their website. When I first started publishing using PB format, I had a section explaining how the navigate the site which maybe highlights that the UI of PB, whilst good for a application, isn't necessarily ideally suited to a website.


I still think PB is an ideal way of collecting and containing the information for a website, but I'm not convinced that either sitebrain or webbrain are a great way of publishing an good website (yet). If I had the time, I think the best solution would be to export to XML and then run a custom script to process the XML to generate the HTML for the website pages.


I would be interested to hear the thoughts of anyone else who has been using PB to publish a website.

I'm using PB to plan a website design and am wondering if it can be used as the database engine underneath a more "linear" user interface?  Most people to whom I show PB are overwhelmed, as their own brains think more linearly.  PB embodies systems thinking!

You may try taking a look at File > Export > Simple HTML and see if that will work for you.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 10.0.54

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