I recently installed PB4 v. and loaded the very large brain that I have been using  to create my Sitebrain website.

The results have been catastrophic!  The vast majority of thoughts have webpages attached,  but I find that in about 50% of cases,  simply hovering the cursor over a thought with a URL icon causes not only the icon to disappear,  but the URL itself to disappear from the Properties tab.  Reloading the brain does not bring it back.  So as I surf around the brain, I appear to be systematically - or is it randomly? --destroying it.

I have a backup that I made a month or so ago,  when something started causing the pins to disappear.  I backed the file up and recreated the pins.  But what's happening now is far worse.

What could be causing it,  and what can be done about it?

This is starting to look like the straw that broke the camel's back.  I have been posting here about some major problems for several months now,  such as the ongoing failure of the webpage indexing function, the inability to open notes in browsers, and the incompatibility of the Sitebrain with various browsers,  but none of these problems has been effectively dealt with. 

I can only hope that a bit more attention will be given to this.  I have had previous problems with Brains, and have been invited to send the problem brains to the company,  but even when I have done so,  nothing has ever been done with them.

Hi, Chris,
why don't you just switch back to version 4.1.x and wait for a couple of months?
You know the old saying: Pioneers are the ones with the arrows in their backs.
Right now, I don't see any real value in using 4.2.x.
A couple of days ago I made the same mistake and switched to When several things didn't work as expected (lost pins, lost thoughts, etc.), instead of wasting my time, I went back to How, that I had to figure out for myself, as I didn't get an answer to my question in this forum.

If it helps - there are others who feel like you do.


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Hi Chris,

Did you make a backup of your brain prior to moving to the beta? If so, please switch back to that version. If not, you can follow these instructions for moving back to version 4.1, however any changes you may have made after switching to 4.2 will be lost.

To revert to your 4.1 Brain, losing any changes that may have been made since switching to the 4.2 beta.

  1. Close PersonalBrain.
  2. Delete the "brain" folder contained inside the "_brain" folder. DO NOT delete the "_brain" folder.
  3. Open the "V41DBBackup" folder and copy all of the files inside this to the "_brain" folder.
  4. Open PersonalBrain 4.1 and re-open your Brain.

I am sorry that you feel frustrated, but the things that you have been asking about regarding SiteBrain are not something that we can address since they are caused by old browsers that do not support Ajax applications. SiteBrain uses modern browser technology and we can't make it work with everything. If you want an HTML version of your Brain that will work on every browser, this is why the Simple HTML export option is available.

BTW, the problem of attachments icons disappearing on mouseover after conversion to 4.2 appears to be affecting only a small portion of users. Unfortunately, we have not been able to replicate this problem on any of our computers as of yet despite many efforts to do so. When we manage to reproduce it, we will fix it immediately. Thanks.
Hi Harlan,

I think (?) the frustration is more related to the attitude from TheBrain.  Since many weeks, a lot of people reports many problems and asks for help with some issues, but there is no answer from you or your team.  A similar thing happened with TheBrain's forum that was on Yahoo's groups in 2000 (±).  This is the main reason why I stopped to use PB at that time, the software was not improved, we had no news about fixes or new features.  And I remember that you were reading this forum, you just stopped to reply, leaving people to not know what was happening.  On this forum, people helps you to improve PB, they are more than just customers who buy something and leave the room, and I think it's just a matter of respect to also answer to people, in addition to fix issues and improve the software.

I understand that when you are answering questions, you are not working to improve PB at the same time, but I think it would be more appreciated to delay a new release for few days, and people would know that you are aware of the problem and that you are working on it, like what you were doing from February to December.

I really like PB, more than any other piece of software, and I think you and your team are doing a great job to improve the product.  I just would like to see a better interaction with people here...

Best regards, 


You raise a good point that feedback and communication naturally smooth the process of developing something like PB in a community environment. Mentioning the distant past is not really appropriate as over the last 18 months (yes that long!) of PB4 development we have only seen the most impressive, consistent and responsive communication and action from Natrificial towards the beta / user community.

I think anyone familiar with the activities of the message board over the last 18 months would have no doubt that if there is any lesser flow of communications recently then it will be for valid overriding reasons and to accept that with no worries. The prototype with undo capability quietly released this week must have taken considerable effort for example.

I can appreciate certain frustrations with the PB4.2 beta to date. However, I recall that it was about six months before I transferred my primary brain from 3.03 to 4.0xx. There was also a lesser gap with 4.1xx and likewise it will no doubt be a few months before I dip my main brain's toe into 4.2xx.

In hindsight, perhaps the end of the early test phase beta miscommunicated the wrong impression that 4.2 was ready to rock in terms of working brain utility, but without a certain commitment of usage the identification of issues slows down.

Either way i think the active members of the community testing through the beta phase are doing a great job and the frustrations experienced are a testament to the effort made on all sides; as good as PB4 is now, am so looking forward to the additions that all this effort is bringing



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I appreciate all of your efforts to help us both testing the software as well as suggesting ways to improve it.

The spirit of the beta program is to allow you all to contribute to the process and get more out of PersonalBrain through your participation. On the one hand, you get a preview that lets you provide feedback right away while development is still underway. On the other however, you get to see problems that may not always be easy to ignore.

Please keep in mind that the reason we have both a beta and a main release is that the main release is intended for mainstream use - it is well understood and we can provide support for it expediently. The beta release on the other hand is a very different beast: There are a limited number of people who can provide support and these people have other many responsibilities.

I hope you can all understand that both myself and all of the engineering team here at TheBrain are working as quickly as possible to address any problems that come up as well as to evolve the software further. We have a vision for PersonalBrain that goes far out into the future with many exciting plans for improving your productivity. That said, it is not always possible for us to immediately address problems, especially when they occur as part of a beta release.

I enjoy my personal involvement here in the community, however I can't always respond immediately as I have many other commitments that sometimes take priority. We have a lot of great things in store for the future that I am sure you will enjoy, including many things that have been a result of this community. Thanks again for your understanding and participation.


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