PB4 is not really that versatile when it comes to capturing relevant web page content and transfering that into PB4. I do not want to use IE because the Firefox browser has a superb add-on feature called "ScrapBook" for capturing parts of Web pages or Web pages and then do a whole lot more on top ...

ScrapBook, is an award wining Firefox add-on, which has many nice features:
  • Can Capture part of a Web page, text and/or pictures and store it locally in a ScrapBook directory,
  • ScrapBook automatically saves the original URL along with the captured part so that I can easily go back to the original Web page even though I only captured a small element from a web page.
  • ScrapBook has tools to highlight any text on a page,
  • there is a dom eraser to delete any highlighted element on a page, useful for pre-editing and for keeping just the essential rather than a whole page.
  • It's very mature
  • https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/427
I then drag the saved file or the local URL into PB4 and the stripped down web page becomes part of my brain. I share the above because I wouldn't want to work computers without PB4 and because I couldn't work the web without Scrapbook.


Win7pro, PB, J - 1.7.0
I saw that a while back and tried.   Now I don't remember the reason I stopped using it.  Will have to try it again.   But, your right, it is not enough to just capture the url and then manually update a note or property page.

One use case is very difficult.   You have one resource, like a research report link.    So you link it to one of the project thoughts in PB.  But, this same report applies to another project Brain thought in the PB.   Yet, there is only one note associated with the research report thought.   Thus, you are forced to create linking thoughts there is no way to put notes into links, that I'm aware of.

--- Josef

You might also try EverNote. While it's not a plugin for FF it is a great tool for saving everything that you don't save in PB. I've found it indispensable.

You can save part of a web page by selecting the part you want to keep and clicking the "Add to EverNote" button on the menu or you can save the entire page by just clicking the button. You can also add a thought in PB with link to the note in EverNote.
The PB/EverNote combination has created the best set of tools for organizing my information laden life.

Nothing beats Zotero, a Firefox plugin developed by a university -- especially for research.
I use Zoot and Evernote for my web capture needs.

Zoot ( http://www.zootsoftware.com ) is incredibly more powerful than Evernote. Although at this time, Zoot is limited to text only content.

Evernote ( http://www.evernote.com/ ) irritates me in that the HTML engine they use to render HTML content is really poor. So 50% or so of all content captured in Evernote is not rendered correctly. But, it does let me capture the graphics at the same time I capture the text, so its in my toolset for that reason.

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