I have only recently begun using PB4 extensively for my "main brain"  and in addition to the MANY significant enhancements  have noticed a few significant deficits as compared to PB 3.

1. More Vivid colors are needed on initial palette on editor toolbar - many of the standard Windows colors are missing - pink, turquoise, blue, green, etc are missing. Most colors are very pale, hardly any are vivid.
2. Pasting thought name - doesn't break at 1st line like PB3 did - in PB 4 complete clipboard contents is entered. Alternatively, would be nice to automatically enter as thought name text that is highlighted when F2 key is pressed (as Ultra Recall does).
3. Extra spaces inserted in most of my notes when pasting HTML from clipboard (in other places spaces are removed) ... randomly ... also extra space(s) before .,: etc.
4. PB3 asked to link to existing thought of same name - PB4 creates duplicates automatically... ( I link many thoughts to 4 letter abbreviations of Bible Book names e.g. Gen 1, Psa 23... so this is a big productivity waster). Entering multiple parents, etc - get duplicates if don't specifically select existing thought - ONE AT A TIME - PB  3 was not like this...
5. At times cannot edit a thought note's attributes such as font type and size...
6. Using Quick Search (F3) - single word thoughts do not appear at top of list UNTIL complete name is entered - this truly wastes a lot of time for me.

Al Cantley
To illustrate point #3 above, attached is an example of a document created in Atlantis, a rtf word processor that can copy to the clipboard in html format. Please see attached files for example of what happens when pasted into PB4 versus MSWord (2007).  PB 4 seems to mangle the paste when formatting has been applied and there is a change in the font COLOR for adjacent words separated by 1 space. Note that spaces are added in certain spots and are removed in others. Please do not try to understand the color schemes I use - they are applied as I read for emphasis and to make a later review easier for me..:-). Please see zip file with 3 documents illustrating above.  Thanks.

Al Cantley

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes.  Many changes in 4.5.  I'll try to talk to each of your points below about our reasoning for each feature.

1.  The color scheme for PB is 100% adjustable.  Please feel free to experiment with you plex colors under OPTIONS > PREFERENCES > COLORS.  Once you have colors set that you are comfortable with, save this as a new THEME.  You may also choose from 7 other default themes in OPTIONS > SET THEME.

2. This was done at user request.  Many PB users will actually copy multiple lines, paste them into a thought name, separate each of the original lines with semi-colons and hit enter.  This will give them multiple thoughts in less time than creating 1 at a time.  We need to gather all lines copied for our new PASTE OUTLINE feature.

3. Our Notes editor is all new in 4.5 and does behave differently than the old PB3 Notes editor did.  If you find you are having trouble with formatting, try the EDIT > PASTE SPECIAL feature.  This will give you a few different options to try and clean up any meta tags that might have followed you home.  Additionally, you can click on VIEW > HTML VIEW to really clean out any unwanted tags.

4. PB4.5 will pick up on individual thought duplications, but will not notice them in semi colon delineated lists.  This is a feature request that is on "the list."

5. Again, back to the meta tags that might have come in from the original paste.  I would recommend copying the line and pasting back in with EDIT > PASTE SPECIAL > PLAIN TEXT.  You should be able to re-format without any trouble.

6. I'm not sure I understand the issue here.  Are you using the latest release?  Instant search results should list single words first, followed by multi word thought names.  If I misunderstood the issue, please send a screenshot and we'll have a look.

Thanks again,


Thanks for the thorough response. My comments re each item:

1. I am referring to the NOTES editor color palette not the plex colors.
2. I can live with this "feature." But it would still be nice to be able to highlight text in the notes editor, hit the F2 key and have the thought title automatically changed.
3. The v notes editor seem to do better.
4. I hope that this feature has a HIGH priority as this causes me much grief...
5. The trouble with pasting as plain text - PB will not terminate lines with paragraph marks (at least in Windows) but only soft line breaks.  Can this be changed or at least an option?
6. This, too, seems to be corrected in latest version. Thanks.

Al Cantley

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