Could someone please be so kind and explain why after downloading and installing Brain 4069 I get asked after the install if  I want to download the  pb_windows_4_9_6_9_lib.exe which apparently contains what is called Indexing Libraries and comes as  a19.6 Meg installer file?

I do not mind frequent beta downloads in the slightest, in fact I fully appreciate that Harlan and team want to have a rock solid and thoroughly tested PB4). But I really also would like to have a bit of info about what and why now needs to be added to PB4 setup on my PC.



Win7pro, PB, J - 1.7.0
The indexing feature is only available to Pro (and maybe Core) users and so after you upgrade to 4069 and it detects you have the appropriate license it gives you the option of downloading the other file.
Speaker is correct. The attachment indexing is available to both Core and Pro but not to the Free or Pro Trial users. The way the download process works it makes it much simpler for both us as well as users.

FYI, Once you have downloaded the indexing libraries, you will not have to download them again, even if you upgrade to a newer version of PB. Of course, this won't be true if we upgrade the indexing libraries, but that is something that will likely take place much less often.

I have the core version and received that message.  I downloaded the installer and ran it and I still get that message every time I open PB and no indexing appears to be occurring.  Also, attachments are not being searched.  I would appreciate any help.  Thanks

Ectopy, Thanks for the post. To correct the message from coming up again each time you open PB, please close PersonalBrain if you have it open, then rename the folder filterx located at "C:\Program Files\PersonalBrain\bin" to filter. I have notified our developers regarding this so that they may fix it. Regarding PB not searching your attachments, upon installing the indexing libraries did you rebuild the search index? Can you try rebuilding the search index then do your search. Also make sure that in Options > Preferences > Search (Tab), you have the option for "index file attachments" checked and ready to go .

Best regards,

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