After upgrading from PB5.5 to PB6, attachment locations I had changed quite a while ago in 5.5 using the "replace attachment locations" utility had been reset to their original versions. Rebuilding the PB6 database had the same effect, similar to this old bug report:

This happened on both my home & work computer, using at home and at work (I didn't notice the problem right away)

It's relatively easy to change them again, since there's only a few hundred to deal with, but it's obviously a problem if rebuilding the dbase recreates the problem

home computer: Windows 7 64-bit, Java 1.6.0_21
work: Windows XP SP3, older version of Java: 1.6.0_18 or so

CH, Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum . This problem was fixed previously, looks like it is back. I have confirmed the problem and re-opened the previous bug report with our engineers.



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