with PB7 there are much more date per thought/link to digitize, so the fast input gets some higher priority to GTD...

E.g. I woud expect to duplicate all the thought, the level in the hierarchy, the labels, the notes, the types, the tags, the link types an the notes to the link...

But...duplicate is duplicating...

+ thought
- hierarchy level (why it generates some chain?)
+ thought notes
+ thought labels
+ thought types
+ thought tags
- link-types
- link notes

So it is quite close to some fast input mode...

How I can customize the PB, so that the duplication works for them all?

Click image for larger version - Name: Bildschirmfoto_2012-07-18_um_23.02.09.png, Views: 86, Size: 555.71 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Bildschirmfoto_2012-07-18_um_23.02.51.png, Views: 86, Size: 843.30 KB
Click image for larger version - Name: Bildschirmfoto_2012-07-18_um_23.03.31.png, Views: 84, Size: 1.54 MB

Thanks for posting.  According to our user guide, the command for Create Duplicate Child Thought is intended for use "If you just want to make a duplicate of a single Thought without retaining any of its links..."  This command creates a duplicate of the original thought as a child of the original thought.  The duplicate with be the same as the original, including:  type, tag, note, attachment, label.

Link data in this case is a separate element because the relationships are different for the duplicated child. If you are interested in making a feature request for duplicates to include link data, you may want to check out our Uservoice page (  




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