I'm on MAC OS X 10.8.4

Each time i've tried to create a tough from a email (MAC MAIL 6.5) to manage my task:
- first, i's good, in can reopen my mail by double cliking the attach of the thought
- but few days after, it' say that "The file doesn't exist. It as been probably removed or deleted"....

This a realybig issue for me who whant to use personnalbrain as a GTD tool...

Thanks for your help


Click image for larger version - Name: Capture_d’écran_2013-07-29_à_12.59.34.png, Views: 89, Size: 115.01 KB

I am not sure what the message you are sharing says, but if you are getting a notice that the file has moved then this is what has happened. If the original email location is changed in any way after attaching it to a Brain, TheBrain will not be able to find it.

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