I just bought PB5 a few days ago and have absolutely fell in love with the program. One newbie question (at least for now), In order to save some money, I have been using XMind over MindManager as a mind mapping software tool to complement PersonalBrain.

Does PersonalBrain have a way to import XMind files like they do for Mind Manager? If so, I must be missiing the obious way to do this although I have been getting very little sleep lately playing around with PB.

If XMind can export in an outline format (with tabs), PB can import easily.  I use MindVisualizer and it does it nicely for me.

In addition, I keep most of my mind maps as-is and link to them from PB.  PB is excellent at many things... mind mapping is not one of them (just my personal opinion).
Try it, see if it works. I use Free Mind and have had no problems importing.


In XMind, select a topic, press Ctrl-C, then go to PB, Edit > Paste Outline.

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