I've attached a PDF to a thought but it does not launch when I click on it. All other standard file types work, like Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, web links, etc., but I'm having no luck with PDFs.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? If so and you've discovered a solution, please share!

BTW, I'm using Windows 7, 64-bit.
Hi  mwilson51

Are you sure your PDF file type is properly set up in your Windows system?  

Double clicking on a pdf file in windows explorer should usually confirm.

Installing multiple pdf readers can sometimes cause problems:-

It might be worth removing any/all pdf reader software and installing/reinstalling the latest 
version of Acrobat Reader if you are in any doubt.

TheBrain has exhibited strange behavior with regard to matching correct icons versus file types. 
I have yet to experience files not opening correctly though even if the icons are displayed incorrectly.
This suggested fix re this area may possibly help too:- 

If the above fails or you are not confident tinkering with settings I suggest emailing to raise a ticket referencing this forum post.

Cheers, Chris
Windows XP Professional 32bit


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