On the back of this thread:

Could the "selection" pane persist thoughts when closed? Sometimes I select a few thoughts, then close the selection pane to get more screen space and browse to a different part of the brain. I then select a thought but lose the previous selection. Along with that you would need to have a "clear" right click option on the selection pane.
Leaving the close (x) as-is as the "clear selected" option, the team could add a second button/icon next to the close (x) and have it perform a "hide selected" function which would make the selected pane tuck itself away.

[CTRL] + left-mouse-click on a new thought might then re-activate the pane while adding that thought to the list, or perhaps a tiny arrow (as the image below shows) could allow for the pane to be brought back into view. Hotkey access to the hide/reveal function makes sense to enable too ðŸ‘
Mini Icons.png

Super crude illustration below, but it seems quite reasonable to have a new button/icon added to the left of the close (x):
New Hide Selected Button.png   

I seem to recall this existing in a previous version of TB ... am I imagining things?

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