Hi to everyone and excuse me for my english.
Data is my obsession: I’m always searching a way to collect information and manage knowledge It seems Thebrain is a great software to do this because of its tags, reports, etc... So i started to use it like a file manager and I like it, also if I’m not totally confortable.

What I don’t like:
Database structure: I’d like to have a “normal” directory structure to navigate outside of thebrain, when I have not the software/don’t want to use it. Yes, I could use virtual folders, but indicization will be lost. So if I build a brain with internal thoughts then I am going to have a database like (A%&/&$/%$&/HTRT/$U$%&$J%DFSG): impossible to navigate outside thebrain.

Another thing is that the software is not consistent yet, and this is not acceptable. Sometimes it seems not solid and I’m a little afraid to put all data in it.

Besides that, I’m looking for a solution to have an affidable, fast and secure (SECURE!) brain always available on different PC’s and smartphone. Ah, I don’t want to pay for the cloud service!

Have someone projected or implemented an architecture to pursuit this?

Having thebrain as PIM, knowledge base etc, means I want to use it easily, like we can do for example with google services!
selz, if you want to make heavy usage of TheBrain, then you should get used to become a paying user, imho. I am since many years and I don't regret it.
I am a 7 pro user

So i started to use it like a file manager and I like it, also if I’m not totally confortable.
Yes, I could use virtual folders, but indicization will be lost.

Funny you should say that, I've been trying to use TheBrain as a directory browser for a while.
TB is a millimeter away from being an excellent directory browser (I prefer this term to File Manager, which it isn't and will never need to be), if it were not that Virtual Thoughts cannot have jumps.

If this one feature could be implemented (and I don't see technically why it can't be done) TB would become an extremely powerful & simple, graphical file system browser, greatly increasing its usefulness to current (and potential) users.

It can not index virtual folders...

So it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a plain folder structure (available outside thebrain) AND use it on thebrain!
I have grappled with this for a few years now. Spending time using PB as my main file system and then going away from it - coming back again. At the moment I am undecided with most of my files internally stored in PB but also some in evernote, some in drop box and some in mindjet connect.

PB is the best fit for me. However, it is not quite there for me but close. There are issues with limits on file size and storage. The sync is an important aspect because it provides access from other computers and is a de facto online backup system.

I like the idea of keeping all my files in PB but as I get more and more internal files, the sync becomes less and less stable. Some files are too big to sync, but I don't know which have synced and which haven't.

I would be happy to pay to be able to store larger files and have more storage if it meant more sync stability.


Stephen J

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